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About Hippographics

A Chesterfield based design service

Chesterfield based design company, Hippographics is owned by Tim Stone. He has created graphics and artwork using stone and tiles, pens and pencils, Letraset, paint, hand cut plastic vinyl and wood, photography and computers. Tim has designed signs, logos, exhibitions, point of sale, adverts, interiors, and websites - and he still finds it all fun.


Hippographics has an excellent understanding of branding and  marketing for small to medium sized businesses. The combination of Tim’s extensive experience and skills with the power of modern computer graphics means that Hippographics can provide the full range of your design needs.


However, no man is an island, and we work with a close knit team of associates who complement Tim's abilities.

Contact us on 01246 766067 or 07773 141433 mobile.